20 Nov

Meet Chelsea!

We are so excited to welcome the newest addition to the CSRC team!

Chelsea Clements is a graduate of the Speech Pathology program at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. As a native of the Northern Illinois area, she decided to relocate back to the city of Chicago to begin her professional career as a Speech-Language Pathologist within the pediatric setting. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, she had the opportunity to assist clients with a variety of communication disorders ranging in age from Early Intervention to adults.

Chelsea is very enthusiastic and has a desire for furthering her clinical experience and knowledge within this profession. She has had a variety of very successful practicum experiences including a placement at Southbury Elementary School in Oswego, Illinois. During her time with the elementary school, she spent a significant amount of time with children who had speech, language, and fluency disorders.

In addition, she also spent time at the OSF St. Paul Medical Center providing services to infants, children, and adolescents, ranging in age from birth to age 7. These children were experiencing developmental or behavioral problems such as feeding issues, C.H.A.R.G.E. Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Along with working for CSRC, Chelsea currently works at Liberty Elementary School and Hampshire High School in Algonquin with elementary and high school age children. Through these experiences, she developed a passion for pediatric speech pathology.

Chelsea Clements

Posted Friday, November 20th, 2015